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Cheeky title, huh? I’m so pun-y! :p

I am such a list-maker. So many of my bags have tons of scraps of paper from the really stressful or busy days. I find it really helpful to have a paper to-do list, ’cause those little Stickies on my Mac desktop just won’t cut it!

Save yourself!

Here’s what I do to stay organized:

– Highlighting on the computer. Sometimes I even need to make a key in my document to explain all the coloring!

– Lots and lots of lists!

– Use scrap paper, so your lists aren’t taking up space in a nice notebook.

– Dare I say it? I use an excess amount of post-its

In any case, I have yet to prove if these things actually get me back on track. But they do make me feel better, which is half the battle right?

There are some very interesting articles out there on the amount of water and resources (not to mention emissions) that paper products use. While I definitely have not broken my love of post-it notes, I am getting a bit better. Maybe I’ll try something like this, making my own scrap paper notebook:

A great way to use up old sheet music too!

And if you happen to have  lot of scrap paper lying around, I found this great list of ways to use it up.

The scrap paper notebook project is a good one! Definitely on my list.
How do you stay on top of your to-do list? Do you use post-its?


Monday, Monday

Hi friends!

Today is the third-to-last monday of my internship, how bittersweet! It has been a great program and really interesting to meet to people. That said, I am so excited to see all my friends and family soon! It’s been too long.

I had a delicious breakfast this morning thanks to the overnight oats that almost didn’t happen! Last night when I was prepping the oats, I realized that I was out of yogurt. Tragedy!! However I did notice a big tub of cottage cheese looking at me from the fridge. So things got a little experimental. Here’s the ratios I used:

Helloooooo Zooooeeeeeee!

Overnight Cottage Cheese Oats:

1/2 C. Quick Oats 

1/4 c. Milk (I used Nonfat)

1/4 c. Cottage Cheese (I used 2%) 

Sweetener to taste 

Dash Cinnamon if desired   

Oat-y goodness

I wasn’t sure how they would turn out this morning but they were really good! I barely tasted the cottage cheese. I think the combination of icy strawberry, sweet crunch Nature Valley Granola crumbles and the slightly salty cottage cheese was seriously craving-satisfying, and I gobbled the whole thing up. Now it’s kind of sitting like a rock in my tummy, but I’m confident I won’t be hungry ’til lunch. And fuel a great run this afternoon!

Now it’s back to work!

How do you like your oatmeal? 

Ps. Need a good jam? Currently playing in my office

Yummy Lunch


Today’s lunch was yummy. What a relief to break the streak of weird food! I had some green beans with a bit of garlic and lemon juice, and an almond butter and strawberry wrap on a tortilla.


I may have gone a bit overboard with the almond butter because I’m feeling quite full now! Ah well, the perfect fuel for an arms and upper body work out this afternoon.

I also have found I am increasingly skipping my friday afternoon work out. Something always comes up! I may permanently (for the summer at least) shift the work out to saturday.

In addition to the benefits of a relaxed saturday workout are the emptiness of my gym! It’s awesome.

Update: Saturday at the gym was awesome! Nice and empty.

Lesson Learned

What a day! From the rain this morning to the sub-par dinner this evening today was not my finest. But what a huge learning day- I will run better, stronger, longer later this week, and will hopefully create another delicious and satisfying concoction for dinner tomorrow.

I really cramped up during the first run of the week 5 walk-to-run fitness plan. I got through the whole thing by taking 30 seconds off two of the nine intervals, but I was seriously hurtin’. Not to mention huffing and puffing! The tips that I read to reduce cramps in the guide book all say that it’s best to breathe from your diaphragm, forcefully breathe out and concentrate on the exhale, or pinch two fingers together and concentrate on that isolated and controlled pressure rather than your cramp. I tried all these, and I noticed that alternating my breathing focus was my best solution. However the main problem is all my weird eating habits today. I did a couple things out of the ordinary, in that I had a bigger and more protein rich lunch than usual and a second iced coffee for an afternoon snack. I think these two factors increased my cramps.
Lesson learned! No afternoon coffee without tons of water, and I think (dare I say it?) I overdid it on the protein for lunch.

Scrumptious. How can you blame me?

My second disappointment today was my crazy dinner. My friends and family will tell of my weird eating habits and tendency for strange flavor combinations. I like to see it as my adventurous culinary skills and penchant for new combinations. Tonight I will admit, however, was a flop. I wanted to eat a number of things and instead of eating them all separately, which I will do in the future, or simple eat something else, I decided to combine them for a strange cottage cheese bowl.

Strawberries? Looks good to me!

Now why didn’t I think of something like this?

I added about a half cup of shredded lettuce, half a cup of cottage cheese, a splash of salad dressing, and some green beans that I wanted to also use up. I tried the concoction bite-by-bite, and at first it was good. Really good! But I kept eating and about half-way through my taste buds turned on me. It was really weird and became really gross towards the end L.

I know many of you may comment and say “Why not just have cottage cheese with jam or fruit?” Well ladies and gentlemen; playing by the books just is not my style J I have never felt that cottage cheese should be devoured that way! It is definitely a savory treat for me.

 Now it’s off to shower and get organized for tomorrow. And probably a microwave cake on the horizon as well!

Sister Golden Hair

Hi everyone!

Today was one of those weird hair days.

The repercussions of french braids…

Well ok, not that bad. Just a bit creased from sleeping on it.

Have you heard of the concept of washing your hair as little as possible?

On a sustainability level I totally agree with this concept. Our hair was not meant to be scrubbed every day, and I doubt I do much of anything (well, aside from yesterday’s extra sweaty run) to really muss up my hair. Two years ago I noticed that my hair appreciated the new climate at school, it was sleeker, shinier, and could tolerate less washing. I also noticed that washing my increasingly long hair was a huge time-suck.  Enter the No-Wash Hair Routine.

I have been pretty good about it, and recently I’ve been doing really well at not washing my hair. Or I’ve been doing poorly at washing my hair? In any case, it’s going the way I want it to! I had my hair cut in July, and December of 2011 with my favorite hairdresser at home and haven’t had it cut since.

My regime includes air-drying my hair when possible, and using a high-quality nylon and boar bristle hair brush. I try to brush my hair twice a day, but it makes my hair really bushy which is not the most attractive look. This routine is working, but I really feel like it could be working better. Issues I’ve encountered are mostly from my shampoo, I think. My hair gets really dry after washing, and I feel like there must be a better way than really stripping my hair and then using conditioner. Maybe I’ll try using a less intense shampoo and conditioning my hair on days when I don’t wash it.

I’m keeping up with my regime for now, but I do want to improve it. Has anyone out there attempted to use apple cider vinegar? Let me know what you think!

What do you think? Is washing your hair necessary? Or should we get back to our roots?

P.S. Need a moment of zen? Rock out to this.

A Single Magic

You know quite well, deep within you, that there is only a single magic, a single power, a single salvation…and that is called loving.

Well then, love your suffering.

Do not resist it, do not flee from it.

It is only your aversion to it that hurts, nothing else.

-Hermann Hesse  

You know that moment when you’re sitting on the couch, thinking about what you want to do today? You want to go to the gym, or try that recipe, or get started on your list. But laziness is so inviting!



Doesn’t this look great?

It’s not easy, but it’s always there. Find a single magic moment and get out there!

Why Blogging?

It all began in the summer of 2012. I was living in a HOT climate and slightly trapped in my apartment without a car. I began to religiously follow several healthy living blogs and sure enough, I was bit by the bug! Please see “Favorites” for the blogs I follow.
I had mentioned my interested in blogging to a friend who encouraged me to pursue it. But I wasn’t ready yet. It wasn’t until I had the idea to combine my academic and career passion of sustainability and healthy living into creating this blog. It sounds obvious I know, but for me it was definitely an “A-ha!” moment.
My goal with the blog is simply to participate in the healthy living community of bloggers out there and add in my own spin of sustainability issues and fixes. I plan to blog about current events in sustainability, interesting facts or tips I learn from my classes, and current “goats.” The term “goat” is something I picked up from Tina’s blog and is usually something to work on in fitness such as unassisted pull ups, or deadlifts. In my case, “goats” are the daily sustainability challenges that I have not found a great solution to in my life. I would love to hear any feedback from readers on tips for my Goats!
Another goal with my blog is to be a bit more accountable for my actions. I love how I feel after a workout, and love eating a healthy and yummy recipe and by blogging, I hope to do those things more often. As for sustainability, keep a look out for my weekly Farmer’s Market Hauls as well as modifications to my behavior to be more sustainable.
What is your sustainability or healthy living goal?