Why Blogging?

It all began in the summer of 2012. I was living in a HOT climate and slightly trapped in my apartment without a car. I began to religiously follow several healthy living blogs and sure enough, I was bit by the bug! Please see “Favorites” for the blogs I follow.
I had mentioned my interested in blogging to a friend who encouraged me to pursue it. But I wasn’t ready yet. It wasn’t until I had the idea to combine my academic and career passion of sustainability and healthy living into creating this blog. It sounds obvious I know, but for me it was definitely an “A-ha!” moment.
My goal with the blog is simply to participate in the healthy living community of bloggers out there and add in my own spin of sustainability issues and fixes. I plan to blog about current events in sustainability, interesting facts or tips I learn from my classes, and current “goats.” The term “goat” is something I picked up from Tina’s blog and is usually something to work on in fitness such as unassisted pull ups, or deadlifts. In my case, “goats” are the daily sustainability challenges that I have not found a great solution to in my life. I would love to hear any feedback from readers on tips for my Goats!
Another goal with my blog is to be a bit more accountable for my actions. I love how I feel after a workout, and love eating a healthy and yummy recipe and by blogging, I hope to do those things more often. As for sustainability, keep a look out for my weekly Farmer’s Market Hauls as well as modifications to my behavior to be more sustainable.
What is your sustainability or healthy living goal?

About asinglemagic

Hi there! I'm a college student with a passion for fitness, food and sustainability. Follow my blog to hear about my wacky recipes, workout goals, and sustainability tips and tricks.

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