Lesson Learned

What a day! From the rain this morning to the sub-par dinner this evening today was not my finest. But what a huge learning day- I will run better, stronger, longer later this week, and will hopefully create another delicious and satisfying concoction for dinner tomorrow.

I really cramped up during the first run of the week 5 walk-to-run fitness plan. I got through the whole thing by taking 30 seconds off two of the nine intervals, but I was seriously hurtin’. Not to mention huffing and puffing! The tips that I read to reduce cramps in the guide book all say that it’s best to breathe from your diaphragm, forcefully breathe out and concentrate on the exhale, or pinch two fingers together and concentrate on that isolated and controlled pressure rather than your cramp. I tried all these, and I noticed that alternating my breathing focus was my best solution. However the main problem is all my weird eating habits today. I did a couple things out of the ordinary, in that I had a bigger and more protein rich lunch than usual and a second iced coffee for an afternoon snack. I think these two factors increased my cramps.
Lesson learned! No afternoon coffee without tons of water, and I think (dare I say it?) I overdid it on the protein for lunch.

Scrumptious. How can you blame me?

My second disappointment today was my crazy dinner. My friends and family will tell of my weird eating habits and tendency for strange flavor combinations. I like to see it as my adventurous culinary skills and penchant for new combinations. Tonight I will admit, however, was a flop. I wanted to eat a number of things and instead of eating them all separately, which I will do in the future, or simple eat something else, I decided to combine them for a strange cottage cheese bowl.

Strawberries? Looks good to me!

Now why didn’t I think of something like this?

I added about a half cup of shredded lettuce, half a cup of cottage cheese, a splash of salad dressing, and some green beans that I wanted to also use up. I tried the concoction bite-by-bite, and at first it was good. Really good! But I kept eating and about half-way through my taste buds turned on me. It was really weird and became really gross towards the end L.

I know many of you may comment and say “Why not just have cottage cheese with jam or fruit?” Well ladies and gentlemen; playing by the books just is not my style J I have never felt that cottage cheese should be devoured that way! It is definitely a savory treat for me.

 Now it’s off to shower and get organized for tomorrow. And probably a microwave cake on the horizon as well!


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