Sister Golden Hair

Hi everyone!

Today was one of those weird hair days.

The repercussions of french braids…

Well ok, not that bad. Just a bit creased from sleeping on it.

Have you heard of the concept of washing your hair as little as possible?

On a sustainability level I totally agree with this concept. Our hair was not meant to be scrubbed every day, and I doubt I do much of anything (well, aside from yesterday’s extra sweaty run) to really muss up my hair. Two years ago I noticed that my hair appreciated the new climate at school, it was sleeker, shinier, and could tolerate less washing. I also noticed that washing my increasingly long hair was a huge time-suck.  Enter the No-Wash Hair Routine.

I have been pretty good about it, and recently I’ve been doing really well at not washing my hair. Or I’ve been doing poorly at washing my hair? In any case, it’s going the way I want it to! I had my hair cut in July, and December of 2011 with my favorite hairdresser at home and haven’t had it cut since.

My regime includes air-drying my hair when possible, and using a high-quality nylon and boar bristle hair brush. I try to brush my hair twice a day, but it makes my hair really bushy which is not the most attractive look. This routine is working, but I really feel like it could be working better. Issues I’ve encountered are mostly from my shampoo, I think. My hair gets really dry after washing, and I feel like there must be a better way than really stripping my hair and then using conditioner. Maybe I’ll try using a less intense shampoo and conditioning my hair on days when I don’t wash it.

I’m keeping up with my regime for now, but I do want to improve it. Has anyone out there attempted to use apple cider vinegar? Let me know what you think!

What do you think? Is washing your hair necessary? Or should we get back to our roots?

P.S. Need a moment of zen? Rock out to this.


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  1. Eric Shupps says :

    Great post. Very helpful. Thanks for the info.

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