Cheeky title, huh? I’m so pun-y! :p

I am such a list-maker. So many of my bags have tons of scraps of paper from the really stressful or busy days. I find it really helpful to have a paper to-do list, ’cause those little Stickies on my Mac desktop just won’t cut it!

Save yourself!

Here’s what I do to stay organized:

– Highlighting on the computer. Sometimes I even need to make a key in my document to explain all the coloring!

– Lots and lots of lists!

– Use scrap paper, so your lists aren’t taking up space in a nice notebook.

– Dare I say it? I use an excess amount of post-its

In any case, I have yet to prove if these things actually get me back on track. But they do make me feel better, which is half the battle right?

There are some very interesting articles out there on the amount of water and resources (not to mention emissions) that paper products use. While I definitely have not broken my love of post-it notes, I am getting a bit better. Maybe I’ll try something like this, making my own scrap paper notebook:

A great way to use up old sheet music too!

And if you happen to have  lot of scrap paper lying around, I found this great list of ways to use it up.

The scrap paper notebook project is a good one! Definitely on my list.
How do you stay on top of your to-do list? Do you use post-its?


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4 responses to “Lisztomania”

  1. Sydney says :

    I have a crazy thick journal that I refill every year with recycled paper. So even though it’s pretty bulky with a bit of paper, it keeps me on track and is mildly sustainable. 🙂

  2. Jay says :

    You are punny!

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