A Sunflower-y Dinner

Hi Everyone!

Wow what a day. I’m very busy this week so fitting in my usual workout routine was not so easy. I had a commitment on tuesday, pushing strength training back a day, which then pushed my second strength training day back so they wouldn’t be consecutive, and I wanted to keep up with my running program… you get the idea! The good news is I had an awesome workout, thanks to this total-body strength training workout. Julie has really great workouts!


I was left feeling totally spent and ready for a great dinner. I bought a couple packages of Sunshine Burgers, veggie burgers made with brown rice, pinto beans and raw sunflower seeds. I’ve heard a lot of great things about sunflower seeds so I was curious to see what they were like.


Sunshine Burgers


They were so good! I tried “barbecue” flavor this evening and it had  an awesome taste. The ingredients list was short and sweet, and I really liked this meal. My only change would be to maybe chop up the patty and cook it that way because the outside had a great texture while the inside tasted like mashed up beans. But the peas with the burger really brought out the natural sweetness of each part! And I would have preferred to use brown rice, but today was a “let’s see what’s in the cabinet” kind of day.

  Post-gym, with some crusty hair!


And finally, it was time to take out the recycling. Wow our bin had gotten really full:


What refuse!



Have you all heard of Noah Guthrie? His covers are amazing, especially this one. I could listen to him all day long.





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