In a Pickle

Let me just get one thing clear. Crystal clear.


I hate pickles. I really hate them.




I am not a picky eater by any means and I usually love to try new things! However pickles I just cannot stand. I also had a hard time with this meal in Brazil…


I may look happy, but that was the worst meal of my life 


It was ground root vegetable flour and oily stewed meat. The appeal of the dish is when you mixed the two together it stuck to your plate. Yeah.


At any rate, I’ve gotten to the point where I say I’m allergic to pickles if they will be served as a side with my food. I just hate the smell and taste and I feel like it stinks up the whole room!


Now, something I do like:


Delicious! And nutritious 🙂


A carrot cake is definitely on the books for something to make this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for a recap post!

Now, off to have a scrumptious dinner. Goodnight!


About asinglemagic

Hi there! I'm a college student with a passion for fitness, food and sustainability. Follow my blog to hear about my wacky recipes, workout goals, and sustainability tips and tricks.

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