The Run to Rule Them All

Today, I made a PDR (personal distance record). I’m so excited and proud!

4.2 is good for you!

I know 4.21 miles may not seem like very much at all to some people, and I have even walked farther than this while walking a dog. However I’m not a runner and running is a huge challenge for me. So let the cheering begin!

Lil red tomato face

Why the challenge and strange distance, you may ask? A few months ago a close friend encouraged me to go for a run with him. At that point in my life I hated running but definitely had the drive to accomplish the goal. In the past, and on that specific run, I would go for a quick jog pace, go for about five minutes, and then get tired and frustrated. This was always the pattern. I’m a great power walker, an awesome ellipticizer, a beast cycler, but running was not my deal. Why? I’m not really sure. I do know, however, that I am big on visualizing. I am usually able to visualize any goal I have, be it dead lifting a certain amount, or backpacking 14.4 miles in one day, or acing an exam or project. From here I have the motivation to make a plan to move forward and achieve this goal, but if I’m not able to visualize my goal I know it won’t happen. Running, making a relationship work, eating some kind of gross (or grossly prepared) vegetable. That was my main problem with running, in that I couldn’t visualize running. At. all.

So, that became my new goal! I bought this book from Canada’s Medical Association for a 13 week Run-to-Walk plan and wrote out all the workouts. MWF have become my run days and TTH are strength, with Saturday in there for some wiggle room. It’s been going really well (save for some kooky runs last week…) and I’m just so excited about my goal. Also today I got some less than pleasant news, and it was just amazing to bust out this milestone.

Ps. this happened this weekend:

And it was so gooooood

More on that later in my San Francisco recap post!

Pps. Need a goodnight song?


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