It’s Saturday Night!

I woke up a bit early this morning to head out to my local farmer’s market. I’ve been meaning to go all summer, and I want to get in the habit for next year, so it was awesome to finally make it out there! But first, some simple scrambled eggs which I microwaved (isn’t that weird? They were good, so maybe it’s not weird…) and a piece of toast.


And some fancy nails! Gotta look good for Monday’s poster session


Then it was off to the market. It was awesome! Every which way you turned there was something interesting and yummy, and I was so glad I went. My haul included:

  • 1 bunch of carrots (And the price was right also- $2!)
  • 2 heirloom tomatoes
  • 1 bag of microroaster coffee
  • A random assortment of peaches and plums from one very aggressive sample-distributor. They kept giving and I kept taking!

It was so fun exploring everything and checking it out with the lovely Sara. I am going to miss this girl in just one short week!

Such a lil cutie! And Sara looks great too 😉 


I also have to recommend the coffee roaster who was kind enough to let Sara and I sample all the coffee flavors we wanted. The Bali roast was really good and kind of a strange fruity flavor. Very unique and interesting.


Of course, the day was not complete with a quick googling of a nearby yogurt shop.

Sara’s included Valencia Orange flavor- yummy!

Cookies and cream with toasted coconut 


It was a great day! Sara and I had a laugh with this cool bumper sticker she got:

Well it wasn’t, right?


On a nice prominent place


Now I’m off to get ready for the movies tonight- I’m seeing Hope Floats with another intern- we almost got a guy to come too!


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Hi there! I'm a college student with a passion for fitness, food and sustainability. Follow my blog to hear about my wacky recipes, workout goals, and sustainability tips and tricks.

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