An Empty Place and Dessert

What a whirlwind! I’ve been really busy trying to get things together at my apartment.


Our living room- so light and airy! 


The other half of the living room/ den area 


Our great kitchen 


I love the apartment so far and can’t wait for my parents to get here and hang out with me! In the mean time, I was invited to a barbecue this afternoon. I thought about making a pie to bring along, but new apartment means no food, so I had to make due with what I had on hand.

Unintentional cardio!

Unintentional Cardio!

Luckily this site helped me out to use of some of the 8 grapefruits I bought yesterday. Why did I think walking this far and carrying all my groceries was a good idea? Not sure at all.

Well only 1.6 miles total, but definitely an arm workout.


Anyway, I wanted to make something delicious today and grapefruits delivered.

Looks icky, but don’t yuck my yum! 


I hope the rest of the group likes it this afternoon.  I am also curious about the sustainability of grapefruits. I tried to do a bit of research and found that they are grown in California and Texas. This fruit fails the 100 mile test, in that it’s trucked into where I live. But aside from that, I couldn’t find that much information. Agriculture is definitely not the most sustainable thing, and in fact 60% of emissions that contribute to greenhouse gases come from agriculture.  I also came across a great article about sustainability and fruit. Anyway maybe this lack of information is a sign that we could be aided in more research on foods’ sustainability potential.

As much as I love pulled pork and cornbread, I figured I would get in some healthy snacks before throwing in the nutritional towel.

Chai tea and an apple 


I also chomped down a carrot which happened too fast for pictures.


It’s a beautiful day for a party, and I’m really excited for this afternoon. More later on!

What is your favorite summer dessert?




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Hi there! I'm a college student with a passion for fitness, food and sustainability. Follow my blog to hear about my wacky recipes, workout goals, and sustainability tips and tricks.

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