Life Begins

Just saw this quote, and I can definitely relate:


So get to it!


This is  a great quote and I’d love to have this near my door or somewhere as a reminder to push myself. Who wants to live with the regret of passing up an opportunity or risk because it was out of your comfort zone? It’s important to be responsible, but I think it’s harder to push yourself to do something new or slightly uncomfortable (uncomfy!). It’s easy enough to rely on our strengths but where growth comes in, where success comes in, is when we try something we haven’t done before.

What is a risk you are curious about taking?
This upcoming semester I want to push myself to do the best I have done before while maintaining my fitness and health goals. I’m taking more classes than before and one of them is not in my strongest area.
Bring it, I say!


In a Pickle

Let me just get one thing clear. Crystal clear.


I hate pickles. I really hate them.




I am not a picky eater by any means and I usually love to try new things! However pickles I just cannot stand. I also had a hard time with this meal in Brazil…


I may look happy, but that was the worst meal of my life 


It was ground root vegetable flour and oily stewed meat. The appeal of the dish is when you mixed the two together it stuck to your plate. Yeah.


At any rate, I’ve gotten to the point where I say I’m allergic to pickles if they will be served as a side with my food. I just hate the smell and taste and I feel like it stinks up the whole room!


Now, something I do like:


Delicious! And nutritious 🙂


A carrot cake is definitely on the books for something to make this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for a recap post!

Now, off to have a scrumptious dinner. Goodnight!

The Run to Rule Them All

Today, I made a PDR (personal distance record). I’m so excited and proud!

4.2 is good for you!

I know 4.21 miles may not seem like very much at all to some people, and I have even walked farther than this while walking a dog. However I’m not a runner and running is a huge challenge for me. So let the cheering begin!

Lil red tomato face

Why the challenge and strange distance, you may ask? A few months ago a close friend encouraged me to go for a run with him. At that point in my life I hated running but definitely had the drive to accomplish the goal. In the past, and on that specific run, I would go for a quick jog pace, go for about five minutes, and then get tired and frustrated. This was always the pattern. I’m a great power walker, an awesome ellipticizer, a beast cycler, but running was not my deal. Why? I’m not really sure. I do know, however, that I am big on visualizing. I am usually able to visualize any goal I have, be it dead lifting a certain amount, or backpacking 14.4 miles in one day, or acing an exam or project. From here I have the motivation to make a plan to move forward and achieve this goal, but if I’m not able to visualize my goal I know it won’t happen. Running, making a relationship work, eating some kind of gross (or grossly prepared) vegetable. That was my main problem with running, in that I couldn’t visualize running. At. all.

So, that became my new goal! I bought this book from Canada’s Medical Association for a 13 week Run-to-Walk plan and wrote out all the workouts. MWF have become my run days and TTH are strength, with Saturday in there for some wiggle room. It’s been going really well (save for some kooky runs last week…) and I’m just so excited about my goal. Also today I got some less than pleasant news, and it was just amazing to bust out this milestone.

Ps. this happened this weekend:

And it was so gooooood

More on that later in my San Francisco recap post!

Pps. Need a goodnight song?

A Sunflower-y Dinner

Hi Everyone!

Wow what a day. I’m very busy this week so fitting in my usual workout routine was not so easy. I had a commitment on tuesday, pushing strength training back a day, which then pushed my second strength training day back so they wouldn’t be consecutive, and I wanted to keep up with my running program… you get the idea! The good news is I had an awesome workout, thanks to this total-body strength training workout. Julie has really great workouts!


I was left feeling totally spent and ready for a great dinner. I bought a couple packages of Sunshine Burgers, veggie burgers made with brown rice, pinto beans and raw sunflower seeds. I’ve heard a lot of great things about sunflower seeds so I was curious to see what they were like.


Sunshine Burgers


They were so good! I tried “barbecue” flavor this evening and it had  an awesome taste. The ingredients list was short and sweet, and I really liked this meal. My only change would be to maybe chop up the patty and cook it that way because the outside had a great texture while the inside tasted like mashed up beans. But the peas with the burger really brought out the natural sweetness of each part! And I would have preferred to use brown rice, but today was a “let’s see what’s in the cabinet” kind of day.

  Post-gym, with some crusty hair!


And finally, it was time to take out the recycling. Wow our bin had gotten really full:


What refuse!



Have you all heard of Noah Guthrie? His covers are amazing, especially this one. I could listen to him all day long.




It’s a Dog’s Life

I just took a  break at work and saw this image. It’s too good!

New life philosophy (Thanks to pinterest)

Arf arf!

Have a great day!


Cheeky title, huh? I’m so pun-y! :p

I am such a list-maker. So many of my bags have tons of scraps of paper from the really stressful or busy days. I find it really helpful to have a paper to-do list, ’cause those little Stickies on my Mac desktop just won’t cut it!

Save yourself!

Here’s what I do to stay organized:

– Highlighting on the computer. Sometimes I even need to make a key in my document to explain all the coloring!

– Lots and lots of lists!

– Use scrap paper, so your lists aren’t taking up space in a nice notebook.

– Dare I say it? I use an excess amount of post-its

In any case, I have yet to prove if these things actually get me back on track. But they do make me feel better, which is half the battle right?

There are some very interesting articles out there on the amount of water and resources (not to mention emissions) that paper products use. While I definitely have not broken my love of post-it notes, I am getting a bit better. Maybe I’ll try something like this, making my own scrap paper notebook:

A great way to use up old sheet music too!

And if you happen to have  lot of scrap paper lying around, I found this great list of ways to use it up.

The scrap paper notebook project is a good one! Definitely on my list.
How do you stay on top of your to-do list? Do you use post-its?

Monday, Monday

Hi friends!

Today is the third-to-last monday of my internship, how bittersweet! It has been a great program and really interesting to meet to people. That said, I am so excited to see all my friends and family soon! It’s been too long.

I had a delicious breakfast this morning thanks to the overnight oats that almost didn’t happen! Last night when I was prepping the oats, I realized that I was out of yogurt. Tragedy!! However I did notice a big tub of cottage cheese looking at me from the fridge. So things got a little experimental. Here’s the ratios I used:

Helloooooo Zooooeeeeeee!

Overnight Cottage Cheese Oats:

1/2 C. Quick Oats 

1/4 c. Milk (I used Nonfat)

1/4 c. Cottage Cheese (I used 2%) 

Sweetener to taste 

Dash Cinnamon if desired   

Oat-y goodness

I wasn’t sure how they would turn out this morning but they were really good! I barely tasted the cottage cheese. I think the combination of icy strawberry, sweet crunch Nature Valley Granola crumbles and the slightly salty cottage cheese was seriously craving-satisfying, and I gobbled the whole thing up. Now it’s kind of sitting like a rock in my tummy, but I’m confident I won’t be hungry ’til lunch. And fuel a great run this afternoon!

Now it’s back to work!

How do you like your oatmeal? 

Ps. Need a good jam? Currently playing in my office